Frequently Asked Questions


Is spiritual healing to be used instead of western medicine?

  David Anthony

Absolutely not. Spiritual healing should complement Western medicine. Actually they should complement each other for better results. I am looking forward to the day when doctors, healers and scientists work together for the benefit of humanity; ancient knowledge, ancient wisdom blended with modern science.

Will healing cure me?

Healing has the potential to be life enhancing and changing, and may bring about a cure, though the effects of healing are specific to the individual. The healer does not determine the outcome so cannot make any claims or promises. Genuine healers will always try their very best to help you.

What will I feel during healing?

The recipient generally enters a state of tranquillity. Many will drift off into a peaceful dream state and some will see colours with their eyes closed. From the healers' hands a sensation of hot or cold may be felt and various vibrations throughout the body could be experienced. Those who aren't so sensitive may feel nothing, but I can assure you the energies are working for their benefit.

Can healing help my condition?

There is not a condition that we as human beings suffer from physically, emotionally and spiritually that spiritual healing cannot help to some degree.

Can you heal anyone regardless of their religion?

Healing is totally non-judgmental and helps everyone regardless of race or religion and is found in all cultures, religions and ethnic groups.

Is healing suitable for children and animals?

Healing benefits all human beings regardless of age, though minors should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during a healing session. All animals can also benefit from healing, they can be observed going into an altered state of consciousness, many will lie down and become calm during the process.

Do I have to believe in healing for it to work?

No. Healing works effectively with animals, they are incapable of faith. This proves that healing works without the recipients' belief. However just as the placebo effect works in modern medicine by convincing the mind that something good will happen and therefore it does, then similarly a positive attitude will help to enhance a healing.

How often will I need healing?

This varies tremendously. Every healing is different. Many people report healing as life changing after one session. Though for others it can be a slow process.

My life is very stressful, can healing help?

Continuous stress can manifest all manner of diseases in the physical body. It is essential that stress is reduced to maintain good health. Healing helps enormously in reducing levels of stress. Regular meditation is also very effective and it is through this practice that you can take responsibility for yourself in reducing your own stress. I have made several DVD's on meditation, some are already available. (see DVD's)


How much will healing cost?

Healing is a gift. Tranquil Healing Energy, the universal energy or you may call it the Holy Spirit, is freely available to all. I am in the fortunate position of not needing to charge so will always give healings free. Many other healers and organisations do not charge, although donations for upkeep of buildings, rent, electricity etc. are very welcome, where such costs are incurred. Of course everyone has a right to earn a living and therapists i.e. masseurs, acupuncturists, reflexologists, to name a few, should be paid for their time just as anyone else. Ask your healer if he or she charges before the session commences.

Do I have to remove my clothes?

No. Spiritual energies will easily go through clothes as they do furniture, buildings etc. Choose your healer carefully. Be comfortable with him or her as you should be with anyone you bring into your life.

Does absent or distant healing work?

Yes, it is very effective. Some conditions are better treated in this way. Many organisations offer distant healing. It is available from this web site - click the Absent Healing link button on the left of this page and follow the instructions. You may ask for yourself or
anyone you feel is in need of Healing (It is preferred that you ask others for their permission first before entering their name).

The distribution of healing is directed from the spirit world and the divine source so be assured that our spiritual helpers would always be aware if a person has specifically denied the wish for healing. In this case it would be delayed until they are willing to receive it, or cancelled altogether.

'The' Absent Healing is free and available to absolutely everyone.

One of the most satisfying healings I have ever done was working with a man who was in intensive care, he was in his 70s.

  David Anthony

We were unknown to each other and I had been asked by his daughter to visit him. I gently held his hand and upper arm and allowed the Tranquil Healing Energy to flow through me and into him.

We never spoke a word and the nurses were told I was a visiting friend from the UK. Before I worked with him he was that strange yellow jaundice colour, but after 5 minutes his natural colour started to return and I could tell through his eyes he knew and could feel what was happening.

I stayed with him only 20 minutes but that was enough time for him to feel the true compassion of love. I could tell he no longer feared death and that his transition to the spirit dimension would be easier for him.

Tranquil Healing Energy also helped his daughter who was watching through a window. I was aware that he would pass the next day, Christmas Eve 2002. Sceptics may say that because he died the healing had failed.

I can tell you that by the look on his face and the love that was so apparent in the room, his soul was touched. So remember healing isn't always about curing.

The Process of Passing

Receiving spiritual healing around the time of passing over can be extremely comforting for the soul who is about to cross. It helps the family and friends who are left behind, for it is those of us who are left behind who are suffering the loss of our loved ones.

It is inevitable that we all have to go at some point, but death is only an illusion. Seeming like the end to many, it is actually only the start of another stage in our journey.

David Anthony

For the person who is passing over it is a time when their soul will see the light and sense the ultimate feeling of love. A time when their family and friends in spirit are reunited with them. For those on the other side it's a time of joy and love and unification, a time of transition.

Imagine you are standing on a shore and a ship sails away with your loved one, you feel a sense of loss, leaving you alone it disappears out of sight over the horizon. For those on the ship it is a different story, they will shortly be welcomed as they land on the distant shore.

Not everyone wants to be aware of the process that happens at the point of death but it is important for us to learn and receive this knowledge. This delicate subject has to be approached so as to take away the fear, the worry, the stigma, the transition that death holds.

It is the time when the soul leaves the physical body and travels into another dimension. We don't rise up or go down as some belief systems would have you imagine, we merely change our vibrational state and transfer into an unseen dimension.

Many stories are spoken of people seeing the light with near death experiences and this is exactly what happens to each and every one of us. There is no escape for us, it is inevitable, so we must know in our hearts that we must travel to the light and embrace the passing with love.

The light is a pathway to the next dimension. Depending on our emotional state, our mental state etc. at the time of passing, depends on the treatment we receive on the other side.

For example, I have been clearly shown that people with extreme cases of Alzheimer's i.e. those you have no memory or knowledge of even their closest loved ones on earth will be taken to a place and cradled in light, while spirit healers cover them in coloured vibrational light blankets.

Over a period of time these souls will be brought back to a state of knowing and awareness, thus then able to continue their journey. Every soul without exception has this right of passage no matter whom or what they have been in this life, even if they have taken their own life.

Having knowledge of 'the process of passing' will help us to have confidence and recognise the light of our spirit friends waiting to receive us. We will then be able to move with confidence from this dimension to the next.

There are occasions when people departing this life who have no idea what will happen are frightened of the light, scared of the unknown and do not cross completely. This could leave them in a state we know as limbo and they are trapped quite close to the earth plain and could be there for many years as our concept of time does not exist in the spirit dimensions.

These limbo spirits are often found by mediums. I have come across many and with love, kindness, instruction and often gentle persuasion they can be guided to cross over fully to the next dimension.

Their spirit friends are there to welcome them and for some reason, unknown to me at this time, the spirit world themselves cannot generate enough energy on their own to attract the limbo spirits and the intervention of a living medium is an integral part of the process.

I have had many experiences of being asked to contact souls at the time or very shortly after the point we call death. The majority cross over with absolutely no trouble and I have been able to have communication with them where they have given me evidence to pass on to the grieving relatives, information that I could have no knowledge of.

This has been extremely comforting for the relatives and friends left on earth. So in order to make the inevitable journey easier it is important we know the simple facts.

Death is not final it is only a change from one existence to another. We retain our personalities when we cross over, we do not become saints overnight and after a period of rest we can resume an active life in spirit.

Can anyone be a healer?

Healing is not a complicated process, it is one based on intention, willingness to be of service and good ethics. Anyone who has the qualities of compassion, empathy and the desire to help others possesses the qualities to heal.

David Anthony

Many people have soothing hands. The natural act of a parent when a child falls is to hold the child and 'rub it better'. Soothing hands can be developed into healing hands if the individual has the desire and intention. You can imagine the millions of people who possess the gift and do not realise it. What a wonderful world this will be when humanity finally awakens to this and many other truths, and our ignorance is destroyed.

Every single human being has the capability of swimming. Some people can swim the breadth of a pool, some people a length, there are those who can swim a mile and a few can swim the English Channel, yet many do not even want to put their toe in the water. This analogy shows peoples varying ability with water, the same can be used for spiritual healing.

Developing the healing gift involves a process known as attunement, which simply means attuning the conscious and the unconscious mind to that of the spirit world and the universal energies which work with the healing process. It is very important to have support of other healers and/or healing organisations during the process of development. If you would like to develop your gifts don't limit yourself by thinking negatively as amazing things can happen; have an open mind. Reaching your potential is forever ongoing, enjoy the journey.

The energies in our world are changing. More and more people are becoming aware of spirit and other dimensions, many men are becoming more sensitive. Healers and mediums are developing more quickly than they have done in the past thousand years or so. This quickening could possibly have some side effects, as developing healers might experience feelings of unworthiness and unsuitability. Emotional turmoil is common as the conscious mind grapples with the unconscious mind, so Healers have to do a great deal of work on themselves to release emotional baggage and traumas. Don't let this put you off however because the benefits that follow are worth far more than the effort it takes.

If you are interested in becoming a healer or developing your psychic gifts then you need to start attuning yourself to the spirit world.

The DVD 'Meditation with Monks' is actually an attunement meditation and therefore has the potential to help you.

I highly recommend that you sit in meditation with it as often as
possible, daily if you can find the time.

There are many recognised healing organisations throughout the world, most have professional web sites, and this is a good place to start searching. I can recommend four organisations and have provided links at the bottom of this page.

Absent healing means that the recipient may be many miles away from the person providing the healing (the healer). In fact you can recieve healing from anywhere in the world. If you cannot find anyone in your local area, you can now request absent healing from this web site.

  David Anthony

I must admit that I was quite sceptical about absent healing when I first began work in this field, but over the years, I have seen proof that has left me with no doubt in my mind that absent healing can be equally as effective as hands on healing. In fact absent healing can be more effective for some ailments.

Always choose your healer carefully and make sure that you are comfortable with him or her. Almost all healers are genuine and sincere, however there are good and not so good in all professions and walks of life.

You should never be expected to remove clothing during a healing session, as the spiritual energies will easily penetrate through fabric, or even the chair or therapy couch.

If anyone attemts to charge excessive fees for healing, be very suspicious, most healers do not charge for their gift, although covering expenses is always appreciated.

Absent Healing is available from this web site click the Absent Healing link button on the left of this page and follow the instructions. You may ask for yourself or anyone you feel is in need of Healing (It is preferred that you ask others for
their permission first before entering their name).

The distribution of healing is directed from the spirit world and the divine source so be assured that our spiritual helpers would always be aware if a person has specifically denied the wish for healing. In this case it would be delayed until they are willing to receive it, or cancelled altogether.

'The' Absent Healing is free and available to absolutely everyone.



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