Can anyone be a Healer?

Healing is not a complicated process, it is one based on intention, willingness to be of service and good ethics. Anyone who has the qualities of compassion, empathy and the desire to help others possesses the qualities to heal.

Many people have soothing hands. The natural act of a parent when a child falls is to hold the child and ‘rub it better’. Soothing hands can be developed into healing hands if the individual has the desire and intention. You can imagine the millions of people who possess the gift and do not realise it. What a wonderful world this will be when humanity finally awakens to this and many other truths, and our ignorance is destroyed.

Every single human being has the capability of swimming. Some people can swim the breadth of a pool, some people a length, there are those who can swim a mile and a few can swim the English Channel, yet many do not even want to put their toe in the water. This analogy shows peoples varying ability with water, the same can be used for spiritual healing.

Developing the healing gift involves a process known as attunement, which simply means attuning the conscious and the unconscious mind to that of the spirit world and the universal energies which work with the healing process. It is very important to have support of other healers and/or healing organisations during the process of development. If you would like to develop your gifts don’t limit yourself by thinking negatively as amazing things can happen; have an open mind. Reaching your potential is forever ongoing, enjoy the journey.

The energies in our world are changing. More and more people are becoming aware of spirit and other dimensions, many men are becoming more sensitive. Healers and mediums are developing more quickly than they have done in the past thousand years or so. This quickening could possibly have some side effects, as developing healers might experience feelings of unworthiness and unsuitability. Emotional turmoil is common as the conscious mind grapples with the unconscious mind, so Healers have to do a great deal of work on themselves to release emotional baggage and traumas. Don’t let this put you off however because the benefits that follow are worth far more than the effort it takes.

If you are interested in becoming a healer or developing your psychic gifts then you need to start attuning yourself to the spirit world.

The DVD ‘Meditation with Monks’ is actually an attunement meditation and therefore has the potential to help you.

I highly recommend that you sit in meditation with it as often as
possible, daily if you can find the time.