The Process of Passing

Receiving spiritual healing around the time of passing over can be extremely comforting for the soul who is about to cross. It helps the family and friends who are left behind, for it is those of us who are left behind who are suffering the loss of our loved ones.

It is inevitable that we all have to leave our physical bodies at some point, but death is only an illusion. Seeming like the end to many, it is actually only the beginning of another stage in our progress.
Death is the doorway to the start of an unseen journey, leading to yet another stage of our eternal souls progression.

For the person who is passing over it is a time when their soul will see the light and sense the ultimate feeling of love. A time when their family and friends in spirit are reunited with them. For those on the other side it's a time of joy and love and unification, a time of transition. Spirit explained to me that the word ‘Death’ should be thought of in terms of the initials for the following phrase...


Imagine you are standing on a shore and a ship sails away with your loved one, you feel a sense of loss, leaving you alone it disappears out of sight over the horizon. For those on the ship it is a different story, they will shortly be welcomed as they land on the distant shore.

Not everyone wants to be aware of the process that happens at the point of death but it is important for us to learn and receive this knowledge. This delicate subject has to be approached so as to take away the fear, the worry and the stigma, that the transition of death holds.

It is the time when the soul leaves the physical body and travels into another dimension. We don't rise up or go down as some belief systems would have you imagine, we merely change our vibrational state and transfer into an unseen dimension.

Many stories are spoken of people seeing the light with near death experiences and this is exactly what happens to each and every one of us. There is no escape for us, it is inevitable, so we must know in our hearts that we must travel to the light and embrace the passing with love.

The light is a pathway to the next dimension. Depending on our emotional state, our mental state etc. at the time of passing, depends on the treatment we receive on the other side.

For example, I have been clearly shown that people with extreme cases of Alzheimer’s i.e. those you have no memory or knowledge of even their closest loved ones on earth will be taken to a place and cradled in light, while spirit healers cover them in coloured vibrational light blankets.

Over a period of time these souls will be brought back to a state of knowing and awareness, thus then able to continue their journey. Every soul without exception has this right of passage no matter whom or what they have been in this life, even if they have taken their own life.

Having knowledge of 'the process of passing' will help us to have confidence and recognise the light of our spirit friends waiting to receive us. We will then be able to move with confidence from this dimension to the next.

There are occasions when people departing this life who have no idea what will happen are frightened of the light, scared of the unknown and do not cross completely. This could leave them in a state we know as limbo and they are trapped quite close to the earth plain and could be there for many years as our concept of time does not exist in the spirit dimensions.

These limbo spirits are often found by mediums. I have come across many and with love, kindness, instruction and often gentle persuasion they can be guided to cross over fully to the next dimension.

Their spirit friends are there to welcome them and for some reason, unknown to me at this time, the spirit world themselves cannot generate enough energy on their own to attract the limbo spirits and the intervention of a living medium is an integral part of the process.

I have had many experiences of being asked to contact souls at the time or very shortly after the point we call death. The majority cross over with absolutely no trouble and I have been able to have communication with them where they have given me evidence to pass on to the grieving relatives, information that I could have no knowledge of.

This has been extremely comforting for the relatives and friends left on earth. So in order to make the inevitable journey easier it is important we know the simple facts.

Death is not final it is only a change from one existence to another, we retain our personalities and interests when we cross over, and after a period of rest we can resume an active life in the spirit world.

Healing is not always about curing...