What is ‘THE’

‘THE’ are the initials of a simple descriptive phrase ‘Tranquil Healing Energy’ that I have been inspired to use.

The logo and terminology may be new but the energy itself has been around since the beginning of time and the ability to heal with it appears to have been known since mankind first evolved. Hippocrates the founder of modern medicine (all western doctors take the Hippocratic oath ) writes about the sensation of warmth from the hands of a carer when healing someone who is sick. He was describing what we term today as hands on healing. Throughout our evolution the many civilisations all seem to have had their healers and their medicine men/ women. Healing is found within ethnic tribes today and all the major religions record the power of healing within their scriptures.

This is not a new phenomenon but something that has been pushed aside and forgotten in our current western society. I had to re-learn and remember from deep within my souls’ consciousness of an ability to help others in a way that does not require ritual or dogma. Via a practical approach I proved to myself and now hopefully to you that compassion, when manifested into action with unconditional love, opens a doorway channelling ‘Tranquil Healing Energy’ for absolutely everyone.

Under normal circumstances I am not aware that this energy actually exists, but when I change my state of consciousness i.e. enter a state of meditation, I become aware consciously and subconsciously of being much more than just my physical body. Our spirit, our soul is actually outside our physical human body encapsulated in what we know today as our aura and the various levels that exist within our auric field.

It is within our aura that ‘Tranquil Healing Energy’ replenishes us by flooding our energy fields with spiritual light which dispels dark and negative attachments. Most of us are not even aware of these until they have been removed.

‘Tranquil Healing Energy’ is transferred from the universe to the recipient via someone who has developed the gift of healing, often known today as a medium. The medium is the link. Imagine if your car battery goes flat what do you do? Most of us would connect a transformer into the mains thus converting the electrical power source from the national grid to the correct voltage required for the battery, and recharge takes place. Now think of a person being that flat battery and the medium being the transformer; it is hopefully easier to see how the medium acts as a conduit from the universe, channelling ‘Tranquil Healing Energy’ to the recipient.



Healing can help us with all manner of sickness whether physical, emotional or spiritual; there is no condition that we as humans suffer from that cannot be helped to some degree or other. It isn’t always about curing and the help and relief we sometimes expect isn’t always what we get, but hopefully change for the better will take place. Receiving healing is often life enhancing and changing.

Many people explore the ancient way of healing as a last resort, don’t leave it too late! There are no guarantee’s but I have seen healing help people beyond my logical minds’ explanation so therefore there exists a possibility it can help you, your family and your friends.

To receive ‘The’ from myself, Geraldine Lloyd and ‘The’ team of international healers simply go to the absent healing button on the bottom left of the page and follow the instructions.

If you have the gift of healing or would like send prayers to the people on our healing lists, please join us by visiting the absent healing page also. We have the intention of sending healing to absolutely anyone in our world who requires it.

We are a multicultural, multi-faith group of sincere people from around the world uniting humanity with unconditional Love.
We Heal without borders, without judgement, without fee and DO NOT require the recipient to have membership to any organisation or society, therefore allowing them their right to exercise free will.

When enough of us have realised that power of thought, the power of intention is limitless and come together as one, then huge changes and advancements in our world will occur by raising the collective consciousness of mankind.

Thankfully many people know this already and work together in groups throughout our world, but shortly these groups will have to come together to work as one, at a time when egos and jealousy are removed from their psyche.

Knowing this simple truth, places the responsibility of each and every one of us who holds compassion and love in our hearts, to act for the collective good.

It is your free will whether you materialise your love and compassion by helping us to send ‘The’ to our global family.
If you feel comfortable with my words, please show others this website and encourage them to join the work we are doing.

Thank you.