How do I find a Healer

There are many recognised healing organisations throughout the world, most have professional web sites, and this is a good place to start searching. I can recommend four organisations and have provided links at the bottom of this page.

Absent healing means that the recipient may be many miles away from the person providing the healing (the healer). In fact you can recieve healing from anywhere in the world. If you cannot find anyone in your local area, you can now request absent healing from this web site.

 I must admit that I was quite sceptical about absent healing when I first began work in this field, but over the years, I have seen proof that has left me with no doubt in my mind that absent healing can be equally as effective as hands on healing. In fact absent healing can be more effective for some ailments.


You should never be expected to remove clothing during a healing session, as the spiritual energies will easily penetrate through fabric, or even the chair or therapy couch.

If anyone attemts to charge excessive fees for healing, be very suspicious, most healers do not charge for their gift, although covering expenses is always appreciated.

Absent Healing is available from this web site click the Absent Healing link button on the left of this page and follow the instructions. You may ask for yourself or anyone you feel is in need of Healing (It is preferred that you ask others for
their permission first before entering their name).

The distribution of healing is directed from the spirit world and the divine source so be assured that our spiritual helpers would always be aware if a person has specifically denied the wish for healing. In this case it would be delayed until they are willing to receive it, or cancelled altogether.

‘The’ Absent Healing is free and available to absolutely everyone.