Healing isn’t always about curing

One of the most satisfying healings I have ever done was working with a man who was in intensive care, he was in his 70s.

We were unknown to each other and I had been asked by his daughter to visit him. I gently held his hand and upper arm and allowed the Tranquil Healing Energy to flow through me and into him.

We never spoke a word and the nurses were told I was a visiting friend from the UK. Before I worked with him he was that strange yellow jaundice colour, but after 5 minutes his natural colour started to return and I could tell through his eyes he knew and could feel what was happening.

I stayed with him only 20 minutes but that was enough time for him to feel the true compassion of love. I could tell he no longer feared death and that his transition to the spirit dimension would be easier for him.

Tranquil Healing Energy also helped his daughter who was watching through a window. I was aware that he would pass the next day, Christmas Eve 2002. Sceptics may say that because he died the healing had failed.

I can tell you that by the look on his face and the love that was so apparent in the room, his soul was touched. So remember healing isn’t always about curing.