Meditation with Monks DVD

This DVD is groundbreaking, as it is actually an “Healing Atunement” to the Tranquil Healing Energy.

During my visit in 2006 to the tsunami affected regions of southern Sri Lanka, I had the privilege to lead several meditations at the Karambmbagala monastery.

The chief monk Nagita kindly invited me to guide his monks in a healing meditation and allowed me to film this very special occasion, so you too can participate and benefit from this timeless event.

I will guide you, using easy to understand English, to find the peace and tranquillity that remains hidden in each and every one of us. We heal faster when asleep than wake and even faster whist in an altered state of consciousness, i.e. meditation.

Every time you listen to the DVD you will strengthen your connection to the healing energies. You do not have to watch it every time, simply close your eyes and allow yourself to drift gently into a state of tranquillity.

During the healing meditation, which lasts around 32 Minutes, I will also guide you to send absent healing to anyone who may need it in our world, so make a note of anyone you know who needs help.

Many people have experienced the tranquil healing energy by using this DVD as a healing tool, as each original DVD has been energised with healing intention, so possess the potential to help your family and friends. Order your DVDS now and send them directly to those who need them.

I have never charged for healing, and it is difficult to charge for DVD’s, but I have to cover the production costs etc. I assure you that is a non profit organisation and that I have committed to help the monks at the Karambmbagala Monastery.

Remember that healing is not always about curing – please read ‘F.A.Q’.

Thank You

David Anthony.

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I would like to thank Lucinda and all at Blissful Records for their kind permission to use bliss music to enhance ‘the healing diaries’.

I look forward to working and co creating with them in the future.


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