I have the intention of taking Group Attunement Meditations to larger venues in Europe so that we can accommodate more people and therefore increase the Tranquil Healing Energy. This obviously will enable us to help more people at the event and also those that require absent healing.

David AnthonyIt is my intention to continue working in Asia and developing countries. I am drawn to indigenous people; I believe we have a lot to learn from them, having spent a little time in Brazil with a tribe that I found fascinating. I am also planning to work with Australian Aborigines in the near future and I will be taking a cameraman to record these events. The Aborigines are amongst one of the oldest civilizations on earth. They are extremely spiritual people. I am hoping that we will be able to sit together, blending and amplifying each others’ gifts so that we can all benefit.

David AnthonyIf you believe in reincarnation as I do, then it is logical that in previous lives we were many different nationalities, not just the one we have now. When we can prove reincarnation exists with no regard to political or religious barriers, because they are man made, then we have to accept that we are “One World, One Race, Humanity”. Racism will then cease to exist.

I am planning to record further DVD meditations and continue making ‘The’ video dairies (If you know a production company or someone who can help me take ‘The’ video dairies further please inform me).I am planning to have ‘The’ absent healing site translated into other languages in the near future.

I was a man who had difficulty in writing a Christmas card and now through developing this website I am inspired to write a book!

PS: This doesn’t mean that I will start sending Christmas cards ha-ha!!