As you may have read in The Early Days, I was inspired to start hands on healing around 1990. I had no instruction or guidance at that time and was not aware of my healing potential. Having ‘retired’ in 1998, I had plenty of time to actually focus on my spiritual development and was drawn to read spiritual books.

Everything made perfect sense to me, it was just like remembering something I had always known. I finally made the effort to meditate in the year 2000. I had been drawn to this 10 years earlier but due to pressures of work and the fast lifestyle I never quite got round to it.

Looking back now it would have been beneficial if I had tried a little harder to relax from the stressful life I was living in the UK. Isn’t hindsight wonderful? I have the gift of foresight but sometimes I overlook some important messages – oops!

By 2002 I was guided back on track. I was actively healing thanks to the help of a Scottish medium Cecilia Cartwright who happened to be in Cyprus just when i needed guidance. Cecilia spent many hours and days explaining and helping me, opening my psychic channels and passing on her knowledge of healing and the spirit world. This understanding gave me confidence and opened many doors for me – thank you.

  David AnthonyIn early 2003 I flew to England to participate in a week’s course at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, a college for psychic and spiritual studies. I have subsequently attended 6 interesting and helpful courses there. The SNU (Spiritualist National Union), have over 400 churches which offer healing and guidance throughout the UK. I can highly recommend several tutors from the college; Libby Clark, Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker and Mallory Stendall to name just a few. They all deal with different styles of mediumship and run weekly courses at the college throughout the year. (For the SNU website link, see “How to find a healer”.)

David Anthony

It was during this course that I was reminded of the great works of Harry Edwards, a prominent UK spiritual healer who passed over in 1976. He came to visit me, or at least his spirit did, through the mediumship of Paul Jacobs, and explained that when healers work together simultaneously the spiritual energy is increased, therefore the benefits to the recipient are greater. He called this ‘battery healing’. Harry was committed to healing for more than 40 years and it seems to me that he is even more active these days as a spirit guide and healer. Don’t think life stops when you lose your physical body. After a period of time in spirit we are given the chance to continue in the fields that interest us, evolving and learning. When we are ready, we move on to the next spiritual dimension.

Harry preferred to heal publicly so that more and more people would become aware of the gift of healing. This he did almost daily in his sanctuary in Burrows Lea, Guildford and frequently demonstrated healing in spiritual churches, theatres and even in the Royal Albert Hall. He encouraged me from the other side to start healing in public and assured me that eventually I would be using modern technology to reach even larger numbers of people than he did.

David AnthonyOn my return to Cyprus, I immediately started to develop my style of group healings, holding weekly groups in Limassol, then Paphos. It was around that time that I teamed up with a wonderful lady, Geraldine Lloyd. Geraldine has a wealth of experience, she has been involved with nursing most of her life and is the third generation to be a medium in her family, so caring for others and working for spirit are second nature to her. We discovered that we connect with the same soul group and that our philosophy and ethics are almost identical, so we found working together easy.

I had been inspired to move house, and ended up living next door to her. We had not met before up to that point – strange? Well, not really, things like that have often happened to me, ha ha! Was it just a coincidence… or meant to happen…? You decide…Oh, by the way, Geraldine had been told seven months earlier by her guides that she would meet someone with the gift of healing who would play an important part in her life. It doesn’t look like we had much of an option does it… By 2004 we were organising groups in Nicosia too, hiring conference rooms in hotels to accommodate the increasing numbers of people that were attending.

Fortunately we were still able to hang onto the ethic of not charging for healing. Tranquil Healing Energy is not ours to sell, although most people left a small donation to help cover costs of room hire etc.. During 2004 we were asked to organise a healing room at the Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition. Several group healings, lectures and workshops were held in our Tranquillity Healing Room.

I travelled to Brazil in early 2004 to visit John of God for 5 weeks, a world famous psychic healer, to see what I could learn. Joao de Deus (his name in Portuguese) has 2 rooms known as the ‘current’ rooms, where several hundred people sit in meditation for approximately 3 hours a session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon 3 days a week.

The people in these rooms generate a huge spiritual energy, which he then harnesses with the help of his spirit team to enable them to do many simultaneous healings. By the end of the third week of my stay, he invited me to sit next to him to observe and learn. This was a rare opportunity and a great privilege. He personally encouraged me to develop my own style of healing. I can assure you there is definitely power in numbers. The results we have achieved in Cyprus by developing this method have been astounding.

I presented several talks about Joao, followed by whole audience meditations with Tranquillity Healing given to everyone. One of them had nearly ninety people with over twenty healers facing the audience and sending out their energies. People there claimed illnesses went, that they had had psychic operations, their lives changed for the better, some saw or sensed fantastic spiritual phenomena and felt at peace. I am unaware of anything like this ever happening in Cyprus recently. This is the way forward for me, there will always be a place for one to one “hands on” healing, but Joao showed me a way of reaching many by joining in harmony and good intent to combine our gifts.

Within 3 weeks of the Asian tsunami I travelled to Sri Lanka to share my healing gift with them, I was able to work with almost 1500 people who had survived. Helping these large numbers of people was only made possible with the experience of group healings Although I was physically on my own my spiritual energies were boosted by the many healers I know who linked with me, and the huge number of people around the world who were moved to send compassionate thoughts.

I always ask the spirit world to help me become the best healer I can be at this moment in time and encourage everyone do the same.