My goal of working hard and retiring by the age of 40 formed whilst I was still at school. I didn’t need to know the details I only knew to be positive and to follow my intuition. Having only received a secondary modern school education, many people laughed and said I had an impossible dream but I knew deep inside me it was going to happen, I didn’t know how but that didn’t matter to me. My hope to study A’ levels was dashed as my parents couldn’t afford it. However I was fortunate to be offered an apprenticeship with British Telecom (in those days the Post Office) and qualified as a telecommunications engineer on a very good salary by the age of 20.

Although quite isolated I had a really happy childhood, I would spend hours alone outdoors with my dog daydreaming and letting my imagination run wild. This gave me a real appreciation for nature and the earth we live on. It enabled me to develop my mind’s eye, proving invaluable for the designs I would later create for my business, of course my foresight, and these days the planning and filming of DVD’s. Mediumship is developed with the faculty of the imagination.

My father passed to spirit due to lung cancer the week following my 21st birthday. Although this was a devastating event and I felt I was far too young to lose my father, this tragedy gave me inspiration and strength to branch out and live the life I really wanted to live. Much to the surprise of family and friends, I left my very secure position with good prospects and a pension to find my own way.

I didn’t wait for opportunities to present themselves but actively approached companies I felt could use my enthusiasm.

David Anthony

By the age of 23 after many disappointments, I acquired a Whitbread tenancy pub and a friend who seemed to share my dream of success. We eagerly ripped out 4 walls and refurbished the building, put in a DJ box and a small stage. We had little experience in the licensed trade, none in converting property and as for totally redesigning a pub – well none!! And yes you’ve guessed it none of being a DJ!!! But not to worry they are only details, neither of us would let such small things stand in our way. We never doubted we could do it. It was as if every ounce of my being went into the driving force that propelled me along.


Sacrifice is required for success in any field, from business to raising a family, sports to spiritual growth. Going that extra mile makes all the difference. I learned to trust my psychic ability, recognized my own strengths and weaknesses and the potential also of those close to me.

I have always been aware of spirits and around 1990 I started helping people with headaches and other minor ailments with hands on healing, and I could often be seen at the end of the night healing staff and customers. They didn’t know how I did it, nor did I.

  David AnthonyObviously I was inspired though I had no idea where I got the information from at the time. It was some years later that I discovered that I was being guided by my spirit team. The knowledge that our family and friends in spirit are always around us is very reassuring.

My life was a roller coaster; very exciting, extremely demanding and it also brought a great deal of stress too. Stress is a huge problem in modern society. It can lead to all manner of physical illness and must be addressed before it is too late.

I became vegetarian whilst living in a remote Derbyshire farm house. I’d been living with a friend for around 2 years; she was vegetarian and was trying to convert me. She would cook vegi food several times a week. I have always been a great lover of animals and called them my friends and had been horrified at some of the cruelty I had observed whilst working on a farm as a boy and in a slaughter house where I had spent 2 weeks fitting a telephone system. But I loved the flavour of meat so thought it would be too difficult to change. One sunny spring Sunday lunch she moved the dining table close to the patio doors. ‘What a great idea’ I innocently thought, the neighbour had his lambs grazing on the field that adjoined my property, the view was fabulous. She then presented me with a rack of lamb and invited me to eat my friend…… Yes she was clever ha-ha, she succeeded and I have never knowingly eaten meat since that day.